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Biodiversity Week – Conversation: The Journey So Far

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Green Foundation Ireland recently hosted an insightful evening event which took place on Friday 19 May 2023. This virtual gathering centred around an important topic: the aftermath of Ireland's first Children and Youth Assembly on Biodiversity Loss, which took place in October 2022.

The Assembly was a ground-breaking initiative co-organised by children and young people. It brought together 35 randomly selected members aged 7-17 from different regions of Ireland. The group set out to explore, discuss and formulate strategies to protect and restore biodiversity in Ireland.

The evening centred around a conversation facilitated by Katie Reid, the Assembly's Head of Participation. Katie Reid, a child participation expert and researcher with a keen interest in intergenerational and creative approaches to decision making, particularly in the areas of the environment and climate change, brought a wealth of experience to the discussion. Her expertise in deliberative democracy and her role in key projects such as the Scottish Climate Assembly and the Irish Children and Youth Assembly on Biodiversity Loss enriched the dialogue.

During the event, Katie chatted to several young participants at the Assembly about their experiences, the calls for action they had developed and their hopes for the future. The exchange was not only informative, but also a testament to the importance of including young voices in important environmental conversations. It was a powerful reminder that the perspective and participation of younger generations is crucial to shaping a sustainable future.


Katie Reid
Child and youth participation specialist
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