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Democratising Transnational Deliberation from Inside: Challenges and Strategies

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The Global Citizens’ Assembly Network (GloCAN) organised a roundtable discussion on the internal governance of transnational deliberative processes. Hazel Jovita (Mindanao State University) gave a brief presentation of GloCAN's technical paper on effective and accountable governance of transnational deliberations, followed by reflections from Jayne Carrick (formerly KNOCA, University of Sheffield), Claire Mellier (Iswe Foundation, Global Assembly) and Lucy Parry (Deliberative Integrity Project), and an open discussion with the audience. The roundtable was chaired by Nardine Alnemr (University of Canberra), co-leader of GloCAN.


Claire Mellier
Global Assembly
Hazel Jovita
Mindanao State University
Jayne Carrick
University of Sheffield
Lucy Parry
Deliberative Integrity Project
Nardine Alnemr
University of Canberra
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