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GloCAN Event on CONVENING: Who sets the agenda in global citizen deliberation?

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How are the topic and remit of global citizens’ assemblies set? How should they be? This seminar invites speakers to reflect on GloCAN research on the agenda-setting process of transnational deliberation, both government-led and private sector-led, and on the praxis of organisingtransnational processes, to discuss the factors and strategies shaping the questions that assemblies tackle.


Learn more:

- Agenda Setting in transnational and global citizens’ assemblies

- What’s in an experiment?: opportunities and risks for theConference on the Future of Europe

- Inclusive Topic Selection: reflections on Mostar’s firstcitizens’ assembly



Canning Malkin, GloCAN

Independent researcher with a focus on deliberative democracy and environmental governance, currently collaborating with GloCAN and Democracy R&D


Kalypso Nicolaidis, EUI | Democratic Odyssey

Chair in Global Affairs at the School of TransnationalGovernance in the European University Institute, convener of the EUI DemocracyForum, and initiator of the Democratic Odyssey



Felipe Rey, iDeemos | GloCAN

Professor of Public Law at Pontificia Universidad Javerianaand founding partner of iDeemos


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