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GloCAN Event on GOVERNING: Can a global citizens’ assembly be organised democratically?

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How are citizens’ assemblies run? Can, and should, the principles of participatory and deliberative democracy be applied to how these processes are organised and implemented? This seminar turns to these complex questions drawing on GloCAN research spanning local and national assemblies in three continents, and the case of the Global Assembly.


Learn more:

- Effective and accountable governance of global citizens’ assemblies

- Spotlighting the backstage governance of citizens’ assemblies

- Gender mainstreaming in the governance of global citizens’ assemblies

- The Collective Intelligence Stack: Building the institutions of the future



Melisa Ross, Universität Bremen

Postdoctoral researcher at SOCIUM research center on inequality and social policy, and Co-Lead at GloCAN


Flynn Devine, 2021 Global Assembly Core Team

Former founding member of the Global Assembly and researcher on AI and collective intelligence, previously engaged with the Collective Intelligence Project and Recursive Public



Rikki Dean, Goethe Universität Frankfurt | GloCAN

Deputy-Director of the Democratic Innovations Research Unit at Goethe University Frankfurt, and Co-Investigator on the INSPIRE project funded by Horizon Europe.


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