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GloCAN Event on GROUNDING: How can global citizens’ assemblies connect to local contexts?


Citizen assemblies are generally based on a civic lottery, or sortition - a process that draws individuals from a demographically representative pool. Critical voices have raised issues with the conceptual and practical aspects of this seemingly ‘individualised’ form of representation and participation. Can global assemblies create connections between assembly members and their communities? How can assembly members better represent their places of origin? What can global citizens’ assemblies learn from transnational social movements? This discussion approaches both the theoretical and practical implications of these questions.

Learn more:
- The Challenge of Global Deliberative Democracy
- Social Movements and Citizens’ Assemblies
- Embedding Global Citizens’ Assemblies


Susan Lee, Stanford University
Honors Student at the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University and former founding member of the Global Assembly

Andrea Felicetti, Università di Padova
Senior Assistant Professor in Political Science at Università di Padova, author of “Deliberative Democracy and Social Movements” and coauthor of “Discursive Turns and Critical Junctures”


Lucas Veloso, UFMG | GloCAN
PhD candidate at the Democracy and Justice Research Group (MARGEM) at UFMG


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