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KNOCA annual meeting: Pitch and meet

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In the spring, KNOCA successfully conducted four Knowledge Development Projects focused on examining the framing and impact of climate assemblies and the attitudes of policy actors towards these processes. Following this, in the fall, KNOCA not only followed up on these initiatives with a series of events but also commissioned another set of Knowledge Development Projects.

An integral part of this phase was KNOCA's hosting of an open space at their annual meeting. This unique forum provided members the opportunity to actively contribute their ideas for KNOCA’s future directions. Participants proposed new concepts for discussion, prioritized themes, sought input on their projects, and shared research findings, contributing to a rich and diverse exchange of ideas.

The open space adhered to the principles of open space technology, emphasizing inclusivity and fluidity: the right people were those who attended, events unfolded naturally, start times were flexible, and sessions concluded organically. This approach fostered an environment where members freely expressed and discussed their thoughts, significantly shaping KNOCA's future endeavors.


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