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KNOCA Innovation Market 2024

© Wojciech Radwanski - Fundacja Stocznia (Poland’s Citizens’ Assembly on Energy Poverty)

Eager to learn more about what’s happening at the cutting edge of climate assembly practice and theory? Do you want to know how your fellow officials, practitioners, researchers and activists are shaping the future of assemblies? On Tuesday 5 March, we organised another of our popular KNOCA Innovation Markets to explore ideas and practices that could influence the way we run climate assemblies in the future.

The topics and presenters were:

  • Citizens Assemblies PLUS – No Transformation Without Implementation with Marina Leibfried, Founder & Director, Leibfried Prozessbegleitung, Germany
  • Municipal imagination: could a movement of bottom-up imagination catalyse change? with Phoebe Tickell, Founder of Moral Imaginations, United Kingdom
  • The principle of “The whole system in the room” with Miriam de Pagter,, The Netherlands
  • A critical discussion of ”Future scenarios” tools with Maria Jagaciak, Civic Participation Specialist, The Shipyard Foundation (Fundacja Stocznia), Poland
  • RAPID Democracy model: How to involve the right people at the right time in deliberative democratic processes with Oliver Holtaway Research Director of New Citizenship Project, United Kingdom.
  • The CLIMAS method: How to increase the effectiveness of climate assemblies in influencing public policy   with Yago Bermejo Abati, Co-founder and co-director of Deliberativa, Spain
  • Collaborative ecosystem for mass participation with Forrest Sparks, Director, Democratic Design & Engagement at The Assembly Project (TAP), USA

Download the presentations:

A critical discussion of “Future scenarios” tools / Maria Jagaciak

“RAPID Democracy Model” / Oliver Holtaway

“The whole system in the room” / Miriam de Pagter

Watch the recording:


Marina Leibfried
Founder & Director
Leibfried Prozessbegleitung, Germany
Mirjam de Pagter
Senior Adviser and Moderator, Netherlands
Phoebe Tickell
Moral Imaginations, UK
Maria Jagaciak
Civic Participation Specialist
The Shipyard Foundation (Fundacja Stocznia), Poland
Oliver Holtaway
Research Director
New Citizenship Project, UK
Yago Bermejo Abati
Co-founder and co-director
Deliberativa, Spain
Forrest Sparks
The Assembly Project (TAP)
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