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KNOCA Launch Event: Making the Most of Climate Assemblies - Playbook for Civil Society Organisations


Civil society organisations (CSOs) are often unsure about how to position themselves in relation to climate assemblies. Should they advocate for assemblies? How should they engage with a proposed assembly in their country, region or municipality? Should they participate in the process or just watch from the side-lines?

KNOCA aims to help CSOs think through these and other questions. Written by Alina Averchenkova from the LSE Grantham Institute, “Making the Most of Climate Assemblies: Playbook for Civil Society Organisations” makes the case that CSOs can contribute significantly to ensuring assemblies have robust impacts on climate governance. Lack of engagement is a missed opportunity.

The Playbook provides an 8-stage process for CSOs to consider their role in ways that build their knowledge and confidence to act, developed from a number of interviews and workshops with climate CSOs.

Join us at the launch event where Alina will introduce the Playbook, walk us through the 8 stages and answer any questions. We hope to be joined by some special guests who can talk about their direct experience of engaging with climate assemblies – and what they wish they had known beforehand.


Alina Averchenkova
Distinguished Policy Fellow
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics
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