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Knowledge Development Project Workshop

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To showcase the KDPs. To make sure that everybody who wants to be involved has a chance to do so. To get inputs from members who do not want to get more substantially involved. And to give the members an overview of the activities of KNOCA.

Entering 2022, it is obvious that the Climate Assembly trend is not over yet with assemblies popping up in Austria, Luxemburg, and several places at the local level. This means there they will be a lot to learn and exiting experiences to share within KNOCA the coming year.

To take forward the design, application, and impact of future Climate Assemblies, KNOCA has commissioned four Knowledge Development Projects (KPDs) running from January 2022. As these projects include active engagement of the network, this event showcased the projects and provided an opportunity for members to get involved and give their inputs.

The KDPs focus on

  1. Framing climate (Lead: Rinascimento Green. Contact: Stephanie Brancaforte,
  2. Attitudes of climate actors (Lead: Grantham Institute, LSE. Contact: Alina Averchenkova,
  3. Impact of climate assemblies (Lead: FIDE – Federation for Innovation in Democracy Europe / Bureau Burgerberaad. Contact: Eva Rovers,  
  4. Landing assemblies (Lead: TPXImpact. Contact: Kelly McBride,


Alina Averchenkova
Distinguished Policy Fellow
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics
Stephanie Brancaforte
Rinascimento Green
Eva Rovers
FIDE – Federation for Innovation in Democracy Europe / Bureau Burgerberaad
Kelly McBride
TPX impact
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