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Learning Call on Luxembourg's Climate Assembly and its Follow-up

© Klima Biergerrot

The Klima-Biergerrot (KBR) – the Luxembourg Climate Citizens’ Assembly – was commissioned in 2022 with the explicit intention of influencing the revision of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP). This was the first climate assembly that was so clearly tied to a specific policy making process. The KBR itself faced a number of challenges in fulfilling its task, but its tight link to the policy process means that the opportunities for direct impact on the NECP are high.

In this learning call, we brought together Jeff Feller, Chief of Staff for the Prime Minister who was responsible for leading the government response to the KBR, Tom Girardin, one of the organisers of the assembly, Marion Lorentz-Gottardi, a member of the KBR and Raphael Kies from the University of Luxembourg who lead the research team that followed the process.

Read the KNOCA summary of the KBR here.

Visit the KBR website here.


Jeff Feller
Chief of Staff for the Prime Minister
Tom Girardin
One of the organisers of the KBR assembly
Marion Lorentz-Gottardi
Member of the
Raphael Kies
from the University of Luxembourg
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