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Spring School on Climate Citizens’ Assemblies


The Federation for Innovation in Democracy – Europe (FIDE), in collaboration with the Knowledge Network on Climate Assemblies (KNOCA), successfully organized a two-day Spring School on Climate Citizens’ Assemblies (CCA). This event, held from April 27th to 28th in Milan and hosted by the Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, was a notable step in enhancing the capacities of institutions and organizations to conduct deliberative processes.

The Spring School gathered politicians, civil servants, and civil society actors who are in positions to advocate, design, or implement a CCA. These individuals, keen on either setting up or engaging in specific processes or projects, benefited from an enriching program that aimed to boost ongoing projects and inspire the creation of new ones across Italy and the continent.

The sessions began with an introductory segment that brought all participants up to speed on the emergence of CCAs. The program then delved into the finer details of the design process, covering crucial aspects such as framing questions, considering governance structures for a robust process, integrating the assembly into ongoing policy processes, and selecting and presenting complex evidence to participants.

The event was marked by a blend of breakout workshops and collective reflection moments, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Attendance was limited to two participants per delegation, with a few discounted tickets available for participants from organizations with limited financial resources. This Spring School represented a significant step forward in understanding and implementing Climate Citizens’ Assemblies in the context of increasing climate policy significance and complexity.


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