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KNOCA - The Value of Climate Assemblies in collaboration with the Open Government Partnership

©BMK / Karo Pernegger (The Austrian Citizens’ Climate Assembly)

As part of the Open Government Partnership’s 2021 Global Summit, KNOCA organized a dynamic panel session to introduce participants to the key characteristics of climate assemblies and consider their potential for both strengthening civic space and public participation and creating more robust climate policy and action. Climate assemblies are increasingly adopted by national and local governments, particularly in Europe. This is part of the more extensive “deliberative wave” identified by the OECD. The panel discussion will draw on the direct experience of a Danish politician, Scottish civil servant and European civil society actor in advocating for and organizing climate assemblies. Together the value of this recent phenomenon were explored and the conditions that need to be in place for assemblies to contribute fully to vitalizing and democratizing climate governance. The session included opportunities for participant interaction with the panel and introduced participants to the work of the recently established Knowledge Network on Climate Assemblies (KNOCA).


Erica Hope
Director of the Climate Governance Programme
European Climate Foundation
Graham Smith
Uffe Elbæk
Independent Greens, Denmark
Susan Lee
Global Assembly
Susie Townend
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