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Workshop on Engaging Stakeholders in Climate Assemblies


Climate and other citizens’ assemblies are designed to give space to a diverse group of citizens to learn, deliberate and come to collective recommendations. They are designed to protect citizens from the direct influence of stakeholders. But that does not mean stakeholders are absent from assemblies. In most designs, stakeholders are part of advisory bodies and may provide evidence to the assembly. Should their roles go beyond governance and evidence? Are there good reasons to integrate stakeholders into other aspects of assembly practice? If so, how?

This workshop presents the findings from a draft KNOCA Briefing on the different forms of involvement of stakeholders and their roles in climate assemblies. It asks what contributions – and challenges – stakeholders can bring to assemblies and how they can best be integrated. Drawing on a range of approaches to engaging stakeholders that have been developed at national, regional and municipal levels, the workshop will explore the pros and cons of deepening stakeholder engagement in climate assemblies.

The workshop will be led by Ines Omann who is authoring the Briefing and was lead consultant on the national Austrian Klimarat – the Citizens’ Climate Assembly. She will be joined by colleagues who have experimented with stakeholder engagement at sub-national levels to explore this critical set of questions.


Ines Omann
Senior Researcher and Facilitator
Austrian Foundation for Development Research (ÖFSE)
Christoph Streissler
Senior Policy Expert
Federal Chamber of Labour, Austria
Simone Zippel
Climate Protection Manager
Stadt Erlangen, Germany
Mirjam de Pagter
Senior Adviser and Moderator, Netherlands
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