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Workshop on Evidence in Climate Assemblies

©BMK / Karo Pernegger (The Austrian Citizens’ Climate Assembly)

This workshop explored a new area of research in KNOCA about selecting and presenting evidence in climate assemblies. It was a first step towards the development of guidance. The format was interactive and offered members of our community a chance to hear initial research results and to share their own questions and reflections.

Good knowledge curation should address a host of complex issues: Which criteria to use for selecting relevant knowledge? How to organise and give mandate to the process? How to use scientific councils? Which role citizens should have in curating the epistemic input? How to best communicate expert knowledge to citizens from different backgrounds? And more.

In the workshop a draft briefing paper was presented that draws on existing literature and a series of interviews. The interviews were conducted with key organisers and members of scientific committees from five climate assemblies across Europe. The goal was to present a state-of-the-art overview of current best practices and experience (good and bad) with different ways of selecting and presenting evidence in climate assemblies.  Based on the workshop a briefing was produced that can be reached in the Related Resources below.


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