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Workshop on Supporting Participants Post-Assembly

© Peter Bryant

In this exploratory workshop, we looked at the potential for assembly members to advocate for change after the conclusion of a formal climate assembly. Using a range of examples from local and national deliberative processes across Europe, we explored what citizen-led action after the assembly might look like. This discussion covered various aspects, including whether assembly participants should be supported post-assembly, the nature of this support, the responsibility of organisers in this context, and the unique positioning of participants to advocate for change, as well as the risks involved.


Rune Baastrup
Thomas Muller
Austrian Climate Assembly‍
Leire Elhazaz
Policy Officer and Project Manager
REDS-SDSN Spain - The Spanish Climate Assembly
Paula Spilauer
Former Civil Society Engagement Officer
The Austrian Climate Assembly
Susie Townend
Formerly Head of Secretariat
Peter Bryant
Shared Future CIC
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