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Chris Stark, CEO of the UK’s Climate Change Committee, on Experiments with Deliberative Engagement

December 15, 2022

The Foundation for Sustainable Development (FDSD) has published an interview with Chris Stark, CEO of the UK’s Climate Change Committee (CCC), where he reflects candidly on his role as an expert lead for Climate Assembly UK and the subsequent challenges of integrating deliberative methods into the CCC. Chris is interviewed by Jake Ainscough from the Climate Citizens project at Lancaster University.

The interview is part of FDSD’s Winter Newsletter on the theme Deliberative democracy and the just transition: from one-off activities to embedded participation.

Other relevant contributions include:

- Towards collaborative governance: Why innovation in deliberative democracy and the public sector must go hand in hand

Lukas Kübler, Giulia Molinengo and Monika Arzberger from the Collaborative Governance Lab in Germany argue that ‘collaborative governance’ may help reconcile the logic of public governance - accountability, hierarchy and control - with that of deliberative democracy - flexibility, horizontality and openness.

- Democratic infrastructure: turning one-off deliberations into resilient democracies

Hanne Basiaensen and Max Stearns from the European non-profit Democratic Society believe that we need ‘democratic infrastructure’ that moves us away from one-off, time-limited deliberative initiatives. They illustrate their ideas with examples of rethinking a political party, enabling clean cities, and exploring nature-based solutions.

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