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Evaluation of Luxembourg’s Citizens Council on Climate launched

January 25, 2024

Emilien Paulis, Raphael Kies, and Lisa Verhasselt from the University of Luxembourg have published their evaluation report of Luxembourg’s Citizens Council on Climate – the Klima Biergerrot (KBR). The report offers a rigorous analysis of the commissioning, design, delivery and impact of the KBR. The evaluation of impact covers not only effects on the knowledge and attitudes of assembly members, but also on the KBR’s impact on media, public opinion, climate policy and political actors.

The researchers make it clear that aspects of the design and delivery of the assembly could have been more robust – in particular, the recruitment, governance, communications and overall transparency of the process.

Even with limitations in design and delivery, the report shows that the impact of the KBR has been fairly impressive. It is possible to trace new and revised measures in the revised draft of the National Energy and Climate Plan to recommendations from the Citizens’ Council. Important here was the ownership and leadership from the core executive. Media attention and public awareness is high compared to some other assemblies.

Download the Executive Summary

Download the Full Report

Visit the Evaluation team website

Read the KNOCA summary of the KBR

Lisa Verhasselt, Raphaël Kies and Léonie de Jonge from the University of Groningen have also published the evaluation report of the Biergerkommitee Lëtzebuerg 2050, part of the “Luxembourg in Transition” project. More details can be found here.

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