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Global Citizens’ Assembly Network launched

December 4, 2023

KNOCA welcomes the emergence of a new research collective: The Global Citizens’ Assembly Network (GloCAN). GloCAN was founded after the launch of the evaluation report of the world’s first Global Assembly on the Climate and Ecological Emergency and aims to generate actionable insights to inform the governance, design, implementation, and evaluation of global citizens’ assemblies.

GloCAN compliments KNOCA’s activities through its action-oriented empirical research on global citizens’ assemblies and multinational forums of citizen deliberation. It will organise a series of public events, roundtable discussions, and learning calls. The first call on “whose voice, whose agenda” in transnational citizens’ assemblies was held in late November. The next event on the internal governance of transnational deliberation takes place this Wednesday 6 December and will involve Jayne Carrick (University of Sheffield) who previously worked with KNOCA and authored our Briefing on Governance Structures and Practices of Climate Assemblies.

KNOCA will ensure GloCAN events are advertised through our network and wherever possible engage in constructive collaboration. We wish GloCAN much success with its endeavours.

Find our more on the GloCAN website.

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