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Guidance on Integrating Polis into Citizens’ Assemblies

August 1, 2023

Organisers of climate and other citizens’ assemblies have attempted to engage the broader public using a range of strategies and tools. The online platform Polis has proved an attractive option for experimentation.

For example, the Austrian Climate Citizens’ Assembly used Polis in an attempt to link its work to a nationwide digital conversation – with mixed success.

Liz Barry, Head of Partnerships at the Computational Democracy Project, has produced a short and engaging piece of guidance “Integrating Polis with Citizens’ Assemblies” that is a useful starting point for anyone considering using the digital platform.

She offers six strategies for integration:

  1. Begin with a preparatory phase to choose the topic
  2. Improve topic framing through dynamic topic refinement
  3. Improve representation by adding epistemic diversity as a selection criteria for members
  4. Assist an assembly to understand themselves and their information gaps
  5. Enable distributed deliberation
  6. Support distributed review of text

Access the guidance here:

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