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New KNOCA Briefing on Designing the Follow-up to Climate Assemblies

September 4, 2023

KNOCA is convinced that we need to pay as much attention to designing the follow-up as we do the design of the climate assembly itself.  We are thus publishing the draft briefing “Designing the Follow-up to Climate Assemblies: Embedding Recommendations Within the Public Administration” based on interviews and a design workshop with civil servants.

One of the key drivers of impact that KNOCA has identified is the extent to which government commissioners of climate assemblies prepare their administration to receive and respond to assembly recommendations. The time, energy and financial resources that are spent on designing and delivering assemblies are rarely matched by the attention given to how the administration organises its follow-up. This can have a significant impact on the translation of assembly recommendations into policy making processes.

This briefing is the first step towards creating KNOCA guidance on how to best approach follow-up and highlights some of our initial learning and recommendations.

The briefing draws lessons from the design of the follow-up to Scotland’s Climate Assembly with Doreen Grove (Head of Open Government, Scottish Government) and Oliver Escobar (Professor of Public Policy and Democratic Innovation at the University of Edinburgh). Doreen and Oliver will join us as we discuss this topic in a workshop on September 27th, where we will also breakout into smaller groups to consider the key messages for future KNOCA guidance on embedding climate assemblies.

You can sign up for the KNOCA Workshop on Designing the Follow-up to Climate Assemblies here. 

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