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New report: Innovations in local climate assemblies and juries in the UK

May 24, 2023

With the growing trend in the commissioning of climate assemblies and juries across Europe and beyond comes (hopefully) innovation in design, implementation and follow-up. KNOCA’s mission is to learn from this innovation, providing guidance on how best to organise assemblies with impact.

KNOCA made a strategic decision at the start of its work to focus its attention primarily on national assemblies. But this means that we have less knowledge to share about what is happening at local and regional level. Given the expansion in assembly practice, this could well be a hotbed of innovation – or it may be that everyone is doing exactly the same thing. We doubt it is the latter!

So, KNOCA is launching an “innovations in sub-national assemblies” project. Our ambition is to give the KNOCA community a better sense of what has worked (and, just as importantly, not worked) in local, municipal and regional contexts.

The first step is the report “Innovations in local climate assemblies and juries in the UK” published this week by the participation charity Involve. We chose to focus initially on the UK as it is the country with the most climate assemblies to date. The report provides a handbook of the latest practice, covering a variety of areas, including:

  • Participant recruitment, onboarding and renumeration
  • Evidence selection and presentation
  • Facilitation techniques and agreeing recommendations
  • Achieving impact beyond the end of the assembly or jury
  • Working to a budget

And importantly for the wider KNOCA project, the report draws lessons on how we might best collect and collate information on subnational practice across other countries. A key lesson: pay particular attention to how practitioners have attempted to design for impact. Watch this space as we roll out the data collection and sharing over the coming months. For now, enjoy the UK report thanks to our friends at Involve.

Download the report

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