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Scotland’s Climate Assembly in Final Session to Assess Government Response

February 2, 2022
UPDATE: Read Scotland's Climate Assembly's Statement of Response produced during this final session.

Members of Scotland’s Climate Assembly will reconvene over the weekend of 4-6 February to take the innovative step of making a collective, informed assessment of the extent to which the Scottish Government’s response matches the ambition behind their recommendations.

The weekend 8 programme is entirely online and features an opportunity for interested observers to join a live Q&A session that will reflect on the work of Scotland’s Climate Assembly, with a particular focus on the assembly’s process and future impact.

It will mark the Assembly’s first gathering since publishing its Recommendations for Action Report in June, since the creation of the Glasgow Climate Pact at COP26 in November, and since the Scottish Government’s official response to the Assembly published in December.

Co-convenor Ruth Harvey spoke ahead of the session:

“The Assembly’s recommendations offer a programme of cutting edge policies that come from Scotland’s people, are centred around fairness, and are on a scale and ambition demanded by the climate crisis.

“We believe it is important for members to have an opportunity to shape the legacy of their hard work so that it has the greatest impact, not just on this government response, but on Scotland’s path to net zero for years to come.”

Building on the example of the Assembly’s counterpart in France, the Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat, weekend 8 is part of Scotland’s Climate Assembly’s formal programme and aims to bring added accountability and transparency to the climate assembly process.

As in previous sessions, members will be supported in assessing the government response by members of the Children’s Parliament whose 42 calls to action reinforced the Assembly’s own report, leading the way in children’s involvement in decision-making.

Harvey’s fellow co-convenor Josh Littlejohn commented:

“A lot has happened since members voted to return for an eighth weekend, and it’s a great credit to them that despite everything else that’s going on, there’s still a real enthusiasm to commit time to advocate for their work.

“We’re excited to get everyone back together – the members, the evidence group, the children – for what we feel is an important step in democratising climate action, and bringing added accountability and transparency to the assembly process.”

Scotland’s Climate Assembly would like to invite all interested parties to attend the observer session at 5pm on Sunday 6 February - Follow this link to sign-up for the session.

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