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Training Camp for Coordinators of Citizens' Assemblies

April 25, 2022

Marcin Gerwin and Zuzanna Nowak from the Center for Blue Democracy are organising a training camp for coordinators of citizens’ assemblies on 18-22 May 2022 in Prague. The Training Camp is a comprehensive course featuring both in-person and virtual components. It is intended for members of organizations and groups interested in designing and running citizens’ assemblies – with or without prior experience.

The course will provide a step-by-step approach to organizing a citizens’ assembly according to the latest design thinking. It will also serve as an opportunity to meet fellow practitioners and be inspired by the joint wisdom and experience of the group. Beyond the practical aspects of an assembly process, a training component will also focus on personal growth, soft skills, and self-care. The course promises to be fun, friendly, and informal atmosphere, where learning is supported through open discussions, movement, visuals, group exercises, thought experiments, and more.

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