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Youth Climate Assembly in Estonia starts its work

November 22, 2021

During November and December 2021, the first climate assembly in Estonia takes place in the north-eastern Ida-Viru county. What is different about this regional assembly is that its membership is limited to young people. The 40 randomly selected participants between 16 and 29 years will assess the Estonian Just Transition Plan with a particular focus on questions of justice. The proposals of the climate assembly will be a direct input to the Ministry of Finance that is coordinating the Estonian Just Transition process.

The Estonian Fund for Nature is organising the Assembly in collaboration with the Green Tiger Foundation and support from a range of other regional and national organisations and the European Union. As a long-time oil shale region, Ida-Viru is facing the challenges of a just transition to renewable energy. This is also a part of the country where the majority of people have Russian as their first language, many of whom are not well integrated into Estonian society. The region is also witnessing a significant emigration of young people. Hence the decision to limit the membership of the assembly to a social group whose opinions are not well represented in the Just Transition process.

The Assembly is relatively short, over three days, with additional training sessions and e-meetings with experts to ask further questions. All meetings are bilingual.

Currently the Assembly website is in Estonian only, but English language information will be posted soon.

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