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Approaches to Evaluation of Climate Assemblies

KNOCA Briefing No.5: Approaches to Evaluation of Climate Assemblies
© Canva
May 2022

This briefing shows how early approaches to evaluations of climate assemblies have been inconsistent and why evaluations of deliberative processes, such as climate assemblies, is necessary to develop best practice. Through this analysis, recommendations for the development of more systematic evaluation of climate assemblies are offered.

The briefing provides a comparative analysis of evaluation strategies of national climate assemblies conducted before May 2022. The analysis uses the OECD Evaluation Guidelines for Representative Deliberative Processes (2021) as a standard against which to judge the coverage of evaluations. The OECD guidelines cover deliberative processes in general; the analysis presented in this briefing relates these general guidelines to deliberative processes on climate change topics specifically by reviewing climate-specific elements of the evaluations.


Jayne Carrick
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