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Designing the Follow-Up to Climate Assemblies

KNOCA briefing No. 8: How to embed recommendations within the public administration?
© Wojciech Radwanski - Fundacja Stocznia (Poland’s Citizens’ Assembly on Energy Poverty)
September 2023

Climate assemblies are producing recommendations that could enable more robust climate policy and governance. However, a weakness in the model is that these recommendations typically do not land effectively within commissioning authorities. How do we ensure that assembly recommendations are given due weight and consideration by the bodies that have commissioned the assembly?

Almost no guidance exists on how to design and implement the follow-up process. This briefing is a first step in the development of KNOCA guidance on designing follow-up to assemblies. It shows why this aspect of assembly practice can be challenging before going into a detailed analysis of an example of designing follow-up: Scotland’s Climate Assembly. The briefing draws out lessons from other assemblies to clarify elements of the design of follow-up before sharing initial thoughts about good practice and guidance.


Frederik Langkjær
Project manager
The Danish Board of Technology
Graham Smith
Professor of Politics
University of Westminster
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