Policy Actors’ Attitudes to Climate Assemblies

What is the role of citizens assemblies?

How do key policy actors perceive the role of citizens assemblies for policy making on climate change in Europe? What are the perceptions on the key barriers and opportunities for greater use and stronger impact of climate assemblies?

This briefing explores how to respond to different forms of reticence and resistance to climate assemblies amongst key climate governance actors.

For more background we encourage you to look at the related resources below. In the spring of 2022 KNOCA hosted an event on policy officials attitudes on climate assemblies where Alina Averchenkova presented this project. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion with climate policy advisers, civil society experts and decision makers on the findings, including the misconceptions and knowledge gaps, as well as barriers and strategic opportunities for Climate Assemblies in the context of the European climate policy. The panel was followed by a discussion on the implications of the findings for the future work of KNOCA. Find the workshop recording in the related resources below.


Alina Averchenkova
Distinguished Policy Fellow
at the Grantham Research Institute, LSE